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online autobiography
this post is for homework.

My name is Chan Jun Xian Gareth, and I appeared to the world on the 25th of January 1991 at 11.31am. I live in Singapore with my family of 6 (my grandparents stay with me as well) and my house is situated at Watten Estate Road. Up till this year, I used to go to school with my sister as she was in Raffles Junior College, a stone's throw away from Raffles Institution which is where I study. Now, my sister is completing her internship before going overseas to further her studies sometime in August, and I'm going to miss her dearly.

I love playing sports, especially soccer. When I was younger, I was extremely keen on dinosaurs - I could recite the names of almost every dinosaur. When I turned 6, my interest in dinosaurs diminished and my new passion was, and still is, soccer! Although RI does not have soccer as a CCA (hence my CCA is table-tennis), I have been able to improve by joining an external league. As a sportsman, I have won quite a few medals. In Primary 1 (I attended Nanyang Primary School), besides winning the Maths Quiz, I was also first in class. I recall being pleasantly surprised as I did not think I would do that well. My most memorable award, however, has to be the trophy I won in Primary 4 at a Speed Maths Challenge, for the sheer excitement involved in the process!

On the first day of school at Gracefields Kindergarten, I cried. I tend to cry quite a bit, and sometimes I am ashamed of it. This doesn't mean I'm a sad and depressed person, just rather sensitive. I have made many friends in my life, but most are mere acquaintances. Only a few can be considered good and true friends, someone who will lend a listening ear (however cliché that may sound) through means of a lengthy phone conversation.

I have a fear of operations, flying and I dread going to the dentist. When I was barely 5 years old, I had to go for an operation to remove a cyst on my upper lip. 4 years later, a second operation - to remove an extra tooth in my palate. I clearly remember the disgusting scent of the anaesthetic mask... Just a couple of years ago, i broke my arm while playing soccer. I was really crestfallen for a while; not only did I have to go through yet another operation, I was also deprived of soccer for 3 whole months! But that was not all - soon, the pins inserted into my fractured elbow started migrating and I had to have my fourth operation under General Anaesthesia to prematurely remove the pins. Thankfully, my arm eventually healed and is now in working condition. The aeroplane has always been my nemesis; I just cannot stand the smell of the plane. Once, I vomited 16 times on a flight to Las Vegas.

As a Christian, I try to live a life as close to the Bible as possible, and hopefully bring light to others' lives as well. Although it is still unclear to me what I want to become in the future, I do know one thing - to stay true to myself.

word count: 543 words